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Welcome!  My name is Rob Jackson.  I’m a Pastor living in Hilliard, OH with my wife Rev. Karen Ware Jackson and our children Gracie (3) and Jake (1) along with our sweet dog Abby.  I am searching for where God is calling me to serve next, wherever that may be!

I’m looking for a congregation that is grounded in its connection to the PC(USA) and in service of Jesus Christ.  My ideal congregation would be social justice and mission minded, youth friendly, connectional, and constantly on the lookout for where the Holy Spirit is on the move.  The size of the congregation is not as important as the willingness to step out in faith and the desire to be disciples of Christ.

My “perfect” church is not perfect at all because good churches do not attempt to be a club for the sinless but rather a refuge for those who seek the grace of Jesus Christ. The church I seek is full of love, but is imperfect in expressing it. They are full of hope, even in the midst of doubt. They seek to be faithful to Christ, even as they sometimes wander in their faith.

I would like to serve a church that wants to do more than worship together on Sunday mornings. They also want to walk with each other in life’s journey- laughing, crying, and in genuine relationship with each other and with Christ. The church I seek cares about their youth, not just because they are the future, but because they are the now. They want to care for those who are faithful and present on a regular basis, but also those who wander on the margins. I seek a church that takes seriously the call to love God and neighbor, while constantly pondering who our neighbor is, and how we are to glorify our God.

family pic As for me, I am friendly, loving, and playful. I laugh loudly, and I am compassionate. My experience in the mission field uniquely qualifies me to walk with people in their search for genuine discipleship and to understand mission as being more than an annual trip. Mission is a way of responding in our daily lives, in joyful thanksgiving for God’s love and grace. My experience with tragedy equips me to serve in times of distress.  My experience in interim ministry equips me for churches in transition. My business experience grounds me in sound reason, and my faith grounds me in hope.

Grace and Peace,


 I am encouraged for the future of the church when I encounter a pastor with the energy, creativity and commitment to sharing the good news that Rob exhibits both personally and professionally.
– Rev. George Love, Pastor Mentor, Company of New Pastors

Rob’s preaching style is personal, conversational, and infectious.
Rob’s preaching is not that of a lecturer bound to a manuscript, hiding somewhere back behind the pulpit. Rather Rob engages the entire room, joyously!
-Rev. Marc VanBulck, Seville Presbyterian Church

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